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How to make your affiliate site profitable

With rising competition, there is much more to affiliate marketing than just building an affiliate site today. Just putting up a review of a product won’t do anymore. An affiliate site should essentially be viewed as any other business and should have a well-designed...

Ways to generate passive income while keeping your job

Passive income can truly be a boon when you want to earn that extra buck. It is easy and effortless. But not the initial phase of course; that is definitely gruelling. When you start to earn enough money through a passive source, life inadvertently becomes better, and...

Ways to find a niche for your website

If you’re keen on creating a website or blog, finding a suitable niche is extremely important. This will provide viewers with some sort of certainty as to what you’ll be putting up next. In this article, we talk about how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing...

Capture Customers with Commerce Content

Commerce Content refers to content that is editorial based which gives concise service and product recommendations that are thoughtful as well as relevant to their readers. Although Commerce Content publishers are paid for actions or purchases that are made from their...

How to make money blogging

There are quite a few ways in which you can make money through your blog. The sooner you understand webinars and conversion rates, the better it is for you. Needless to say, it takes plenty of time and effort and the initial days might really be rough, but that should...

Avoiding Affiliate marketing scams

Plenty of new comers in the affiliate arena have genuine questions about the legitimacy of affiliate marketing, whether there is actual scope to make money or if it just happens to be another scam. This especially happens when they come across a two (or more) tiered...

Affiliate myths you need to stop believing

More often than not, there are a handful of people who assume that coupon sites only drive value at the last click. They are typically seen as poachers of revenue driven by various other marketing channels in the journey entailing consumers. Coupons are a boon for...

Why you need to start blogging!

A blog in layman terms would be a discussion or informational website that is published consisting of an informal or formal diary-style text entry. A blog can help you disseminate and pass on information in a longer article than you would with your usual...

Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketing programme can help you earn a commission when someone you refer purchases that company’ service or product which is perfect if you aim at monetizing the traffic of visitors that goes to your blog, email and social channels. What’s important is...

Instagram launches IGTV, a standalone app for longer videos. Should Youtube be worried?

Instagram has been a rage for quite some time now, and its popularity is all set to soar higher. Having already overtaken Facebook and Snapchat, the launch of IGTV, is now going to target Youtube. So is this the next big thing? It might be.