What Does It Take To Be An Affiliate?

Can I Become An Affiliate?

Take a quick look and see if you have the following – A phone/laptop, an internet connection and a passion. Done? If you have these three things, then you can become an affiliate.

Become an affiliate
Blog and Editorials

Blog and Editorials

If you have a successful blog, start earning by suggesting products that your readers are looking for

news sites

News Sites

Include links to our products when announcing for example about new launches

Content Networks

Content Networks

People are always looking for more information about the best products out there. Recommendations from people you trust always work.

Types of Publishers

Types of publishers
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Online Communities

Online Communities

If you have a forum or community that engages in active discussions about the latest and best products, services, or deals you can use us too.

Mobile apps

Mobile Apps

If you are an app, no problem, we can help you track and earn through the links you create as well

Commercial platforms

Commercial Platforms

You can generate revenue from any sort of publisher platform that you have. Set up and start tracking conversions easily.

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