The “affiliate gurus” on Social Media may get you hyped about launching your affiliate marketing journey, but how much of it is a reality? Let DCMnetwork, MENA’s leading affiliate marketing network for 12+ years, break that down for you.

Affiliate marketing is a $17 billion global industry. In the UAE alone, the UAE e-commerce market value is expected to hit $9.2 billion by 2026, according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. As transactions grow, so will the world of affiliate marketing. Despite the slow beginning, MENA quickly adapted to online transactions, propelled by the pandemic.

As of today, affiliate marketing in MENA is a promising career, but is it the right choice for you?

Questions to ask yourself

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before getting started on affiliate marketing 

  • Am I a good marketer? 

The way affiliate marketing works is by promoting someone else’s product. For every persuasive sale that you make, you earn a commission. While it’s true that “you earn money while you sleep,” when starting out, it is a herculean challenge. You’ll need to know how to create engaging content, build an audience, and drive traffic. You have to sell thousands, not one, every month for you to be a successful affiliate marketer. If you’re not comfortable with these tasks, you may struggle to generate sales. 

  • Am I good with my brand’s online presence?

Affiliate marketers need to have a robust online presence. They usually host websites where codes, offers, and brands are advertised on blogs, reviews, videos, ads, coupons, and more. The system works in two ways Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Action (CPA), the latter being more popular. Only on the completion of the action via a link or a code, a commission is earned. The more online presence, the better the reach and the better the conversion rate.

  • Am I patient or persistent enough?

Like any business, affiliate marketing takes time. It’s not an overnight success. Building a loyal customer base who genuinely believes in the products you pitch can take months or years. To reach a point of consistent sales, you really need the patience to persevere daily.

  • What is my niche?

After positively evaluating the first three questions, you can now ask yourself what niche or industry you are passionate enough to excel in. Certain expertise on the subject is needed to create compelling content that resonates with your audience. Niches can be any industry, such as food, fashion, electronics, travel, etc. Once finalized, you can join your industry’s affiliate network, which promises good commission rates, timely payouts, and good variety. DCMnetwork has 2000+ brands from various industries for you to monetize on your passion project.

  • What is the purpose of me doing this?

Sure, money is a motivator. But there are faster ways to earn money, such as 9-5 jobs. Ask yourself the primary reason you want to launch an affiliate marketing journey. Is it a long-term plan to build a digital empire or to have a good passive income for financial independence? Your purpose needs to be the center stone driving you to hustle daily.

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  • Do I have the skills necessary to drive traffic and conversion?

SEO is a practice of optimizing a web page to rank high in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. Experts spend years in the field of digital marketing to understand SEO. However, a beginner affiliate need not be well-versed in SEO, but it sure helps to know the basics. You will precisely know your target audience and what they are looking for. This helps create targeted content to get consistent traffic. 

  • How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started on affiliate marketing is to sign up with affiliate marketing networks such as DCMnetwork. All you need to do is sign up and get started on requesting codes and links for brands you’d like to promote. There is no cost to signing up. You earn on a conversion basis, and your sales are easily trackable. 

A low-cost, relevant, and easy start to an online business, affiliate marketing is an industry that shows no signs of slowing down. While the perks of affiliate marketing ensure freedom to work from anywhere and render flexibility, it is not suitable for everyone. Thousands join affiliate networks daily, but only a percentage make it. Want to know if you’ll make it in the affiliate world? Scroll up and honestly answer. 

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