Within a few months of the coronavirus pandemic, several businesses crashed and the world economy was on the verge of collapse. On testing times like these, partnerships proved to be more helpful than ever.

Affiliate Marketing has been around for a while, 1989 to be precise. With the boom of the digital world, it is pretty much unstoppable. Even the pandemic could not hinder the growth, rather stimulated it by transforming buyers to digital users.

Now would be the apt time for you to digitize your business if you haven’t already. Digitizing means transforming every aspect of your business to technologically driven services. From online transactions, paperless processing to delivering your products online. This is an urgent call because companies that fail to adapt face extinction.

One of the greater benefits of moving your business online isn’t just the wide reach, it is in fact, partnerships.

Affiliate partnerships account for more than 30% of your sales. With billions of dollars spent in affiliate marketing every year, it is a winning strategy, and during the pandemic, it has had a mixed effect. However, as we seep in the ongoing pandemic, people are ordering items online since it is considered much safer than venturing out to buy supplies.

We are not sure how long will the pandemic last, but what we are sure about is the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, which means the future is digital and the future is here. People are already habituated to ordering things online.

Just like the virus, where immunity is tested for the survival of fittest, the fate of the businesses is also dependent on its immunity, aka partnerships. DCMnetwork brimming with its own success story on how it thrived during the pandemic gives you reasons enough to have affiliate partners ASAP.

How Affiliate Marketing will boost your business in times of pandemic

The wide reach

affiliate marketing dcmnetwork

Say 5 people know about your business, and when you tie-up with an affiliate another five gets to know. But that is not the catch. Affiliate programs will have layers of affiliates, so another 10 affiliates boosting your brand can easily secure you ten times more impressions than your “riding solo,” strategy.

With Covid 19 on the backdrop and more online traffic than ever, now would be the time to have the right partners to save your business.

User-generated content

affiliate marketing dcmnetwork

Affiliate marketing will give you the benefit of user-generated content, which means indirect and effective advertising. With several affiliates in the affiliate program, your product will be scattered across the internet- on blog posts, on Instagram, on websites, Facebook, review sites, and many more unfathomable platforms.

If you were to do this without any affiliate marketers, then imagine the effort needed. With a good partnership, those will be nothing but a pleasant surprise.

DCMnetwork recently launched influencer marketing and that means thousands will be reached with one post about your brand. The added benefit is not the reach, but the fact that 92% of the consumers rely on influencers’ recommendation before purchasing. Influencers are people with a large number of followers. They are appreciated and trusted in their niche, so what they say about your brand will add tremendous value to your business.

Pushing for “the best”

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If you tell people that your brand is the best, they will not buy it. But if others state that your brand is the best for XYZ reasons then you will automatically gain credibility. About 82% of online shoppers trust reviews for local businesses, over anything. So, gathering influencers who have nice things to say about you will launch your brand to a whole new level. How is that possible? With affiliates of course.

E-mail marketing

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Partnering with the right Affiliate Marketers can spare you the hassle on e-mail marketing. Reaching out on e-mails takes a certain kind of art and technique which the affiliate marketers have mastered over the years. Your partners with a strong outreach program can render services of not only reaching potential customers but also establishing your brand in your business circle.

Filtered partners

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Pandemic has pretty much filtered the businesses that have survived and those that have collapsed. Opt to partner with those affiliate programs that thrived during the crisis. You have comparatively lesser options than the pre-pandemic world, but hey, that means easier decisions.

With a strong partner, you get a strong business and with a strong business, you are pretty much invincible. Corona what?