Top 3 Blogging Categories for Affiliate Marketing

So, you’ve finally decided to step food into the world of affiliate marketing. You’ve chosen the best affiliate programs in UAE or the best affiliate programs in Saudi. You’ve also sorted the blogging platform be it WordPress or Blogger from Google. But where most of us find ourselves in a rut would be when we try to decide the category we want to write for. Is the blog going to be about automobiles? Or plants? Or pets? There’s lots of ideas that come to mind, but as always, the best idea is the one that can help us earn money.

There may be times where you feel tempted to write about all 3 of the genres listed above, and you CAN talk about all these subjects. However, it is better to find one niche you are comfortable in contributing to, and that guarantee the ease in gaining newer audiences. To help reduce some of the confusion in your mind, here are 3 popular blog categories that you can start your affiliate marketing career with:


  1. Health & Fitness – This is one blog category that shows great potential. Thousands of people actively look for solutions to become healthier and fitter. Some want to lose stubborn pounds off or some want to try out veganism, some may even want to tap into the power of full body workouts – the list is endless. Affiliate marketing would work best with this niche because the audience would enthusiastically try out affiliate products that may have done wonders for you.
  2. Fashion & Beauty – The popularity and success rate of this category is a no-brainer. There are several people who create fashion blogs not just for the money, but also for access to trending events. Who wouldn’t want to try out an exclusive range of beauty products or attend fashion shows? Not many would have a no as an answer. Blogging in this category can get tough though, since it requires individuals to be bolder and get their personality out there. Many fashion & beauty bloggers start gaining followers on visual platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Food – This isn’t necessarily an easy genre to blog about, but it can be monetized well in the long run. What works best with this niche is to create a big audience whilst making use of online advertisements in addition to affiliate marketing. Once your blog receives good traffic, you can slowly shift gears towards teaching people on how to create their own successful food blogs. You basically start off with the food niche and transition to the individual finance niche.

The blogging category that you choose doesn’t have to be something you are passionate about. Once you get returns from your blog, you will automatically find yourself loving the topic and working towards learning more about the subject. “Profitability lies in popularity” is your mantra to keep you going when it comes to running your successful affiliate marketing career!

Trends For Success With Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing seeping it’s way through popular industries such as Fashion, Electronics, FCMG, Auto, Travel and so on, there’s plenty of proof that Affiliate Marketing has seen great success. According to an article on Huffington Post, forecasts suggest that the growth of the Affiliate Marketing sector would reach $6.8 billion by 2020.


That being said, several Affiliate Networks in UAE, KSA and Egypt such as DCMnetwork, have risen to the occasion of leveraging this channel so that Advertisers and Publishers target right audiences to maximise content monetization. Of course, the successful growth of any industry is dependent on what’s trending. As consumers become more tech-savvy and online shopping experiences show heavy reliance on digital platforms, innovation has been the backbone in accommodating change. It’s said, “change is inevitable” and with Affiliate Marketing Programs in UAE, KSA and Egypt, it couldn’t be truer. Here are a few trends for success in Affiliate:


  1. Increased Usage of Visuals: Humans are designed to be more reactive to visuals. If you see it, you relate to it. This is one tactic that has been employed a gazillion times (and counting!) in the digital world for its effectiveness. Planning to watch a YouTube video? Oh no you don’t, not without watching that video advert you can’t skip at times. Videos have literally taken over the Internet – be it social media, websites, demos – anything at all. When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, if you don’t engage your audience with videos, you’re missing out on a gigantic opportunity. It’s much easier to get someone to watch a video, rather than asking them to read huge chunks of content. Probably should’ve thought about that before penning this article, eh?
  2. Increase Usage of Payment Models Based on EPC – Earnings per click (EPC) is an affiliate payment mode which structured around the amount of commission you receive for successful click-throughs or desired activities performed on affiliate links. While this payment mode is well-used throughout Affiliate Networks, it is expected to continue climbing higher than ever. Why is it popular? It’s the detailed insight for both Advertisers and Publishers that helps them determine what works for them and what needs to be changed?
  3. Publishers: Publishers? Aren’t they already an integral part of Affiliate Marketing? What’s new about them? With content gaining popularity in the world of Affiliate Marketing Programs, the role of bloggers and influencers has also skyrocketed. It’s more impactful when affiliates are also people that are highly influential and trusted by potential customers of the brand. Realizing the power that content publishers hold in driving sales revenue, more brands are starting to rope in top bloggers and influencers. To ensure success however, brands need to provide a clear briefs while maintaining cost-efficiency and workability for all.

With constant evolution in the world of Affiliate Marketing, one thing is certain – Affiliate Marketers are on the rise and show no signs of stopping; only growing further than they are today.

The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

In today’s ever-changing digital age, there’s a lot of ways to make money. You no longer have to build a physical business and grow it for years to be successful. Nowadays, connections and trust have a lot to say in who makes it – it’s really all about using the resources you have at hand to the fullest. And that’s the basis for Affiliate Marketing.

We’re sure you’ve heard the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ a lot lately. Not too sure what it is? Well this is the guide you’ve been looking for. In this Affiliate Marketing 101 class we’ll break down what it is, who it’s for and how it works.


Affiliate Marketing in very simple terms refers to an arrangement between an online retailer and a website user. The website user will promote the retailer’s products for money and if the product is purchased, the retailer gets a commission.


There are 2 main players in affiliate marketing –

The Advertiser

An advertiser’s aim is to find a suitable platform to promote their products. They are looking for a platform that matches their brands personality and fits in with the products. Advertisers always want to expand their reach and connect with new customers.

The Publisher

A publisher’s aim is to promote products on their platform. They want to connect their audience with products that are interesting, relevant and useful.

There’s also a very important third player – Affiliate Networks. Affiliate Networks bring together compatible advertisers and publishers for a mutually beneficial business relationship.



Now that we’ve covered these points, let’s get into how the entire process works – what products can be advertised, how the money is made and why affiliate marketing is right for you.

Let’s understand this through an example –

The Advertiser: Makeup brand called XYZ.

The Publisher: Robin who runs a beauty & make-up centric blog.

Robin is running a blog that has loyal readers, consistent traffic and growing numbers. Because of its growth, many advertisers have started to approach Robin to promote their makeup brands on her blog. Even though she likes a lot of them, she finally chooses to work with XYZ. XYZ’s brand image fits the tone of her blog and she thinks her readers can benefit from their products. So, they become partners in Affiliate Marketing. Robin gets paid regularly by XYZ to promote their products and if one of Robin’s readers clicks on the ad and buys a product from XYZ, the company gets a sale and commission! It’s that easy.

We hope now the entire world of Affiliate Marketing is a little bit clearer for you. If while reading this you thought you could be an advertiser or publisher, you should definitely take your first steps into the affiliate world. If you can’t figure out where to start, get in touch with an Affiliate Network and take it from there. Best of luck!


How To Create Your Own Profitable Affiliate Marketing Blog

We’ve all been in situations where we want to let go of our 9-5 jobs and create something that works for us at our own pace and time. We also want that something to give us a substantial income so that we can continue to support our lifestyle and grow our savings at the same time. Most people go digital and turn to blogging from home as a full-time career with low cost. Blogs require constant effort to grow over time, but in the long run, the pay-off is huge.

With Affiliate Marketing trending on a large scale, Affiliate Blogs have also started to come up where people can successfully earn their passive income. If you’re wondering how you can also create your own profitable Affiliate Blog, here is some food for thought for you!


  • Generate content that is valuable to your readers – There’s plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to the blogging world. So why should people visit your blog? The answer – honest content that people can relate to. If you’ve used a specific brand of chocolate to make a batch of cookies but don’t seem to like the quality of the chocolate, then its better to mention this rather than giving rave reviews just to earn commission. Bloggers that bring in transparency in their content are the ones who see more website hits and successes.


  • Understand your audience – Before you start drafting out blogging content, check who your audience is and what expertise do they expect from you. If your blog is about baking and your audience is interested in learning baking basics, jot down products that you’ve used in the past and would surely recommend, to help first time bakers prevent baking disasters. Here are three questions you should ask yourself from your audience’s standpoint:
  • What product features does my audience find important?
  • How can I get my audience to visit my affiliate’s link?
  • What solutions would my audience find more interesting?
  • Build Loyalty – Writing affiliate blog posts is all fun and games…until you find that your reader’s need to trust you before they can buy from you. Work towards gaining loyalty from your audience by posting helpful, non-promotional content that is packed with valuable data. Once you’ve constructed the all-important, early trust between you and your audience, here are a few tips to keep that trust going long and strong:
    • Comparison: When you write affiliate blog posts, feel free to compare between brands and related products. Not only does it tell your audience that you’re thorough with research, it shows them that you’ve explored all available options to give your unbiased opinion.
    • Speak from personal experience: As an affiliate marketer, it is all about you – your experience with brands, your knowledge about products, brands that you love. Tell your audience what gave you top results that you were looking for.

Get your Affiliate Marketing blog started with these few tips! If you find yourself a bit lost and would like to join affiliate programs that could help you out, sign up with a top Affiliate Network in the MENA region to kickstart your blogging game.

How To Choose The Perfect Affiliate Program For You

If you’re starting out in affiliate marketing, chances are you’ve googled ‘top affiliate programs’ or something along the same lines. And your search was probably met with thousands and thousands of results throwing up articles from Best Affiliate Programs in Egypt to USA. We understand that sorting through this much information is very overwhelming, so, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are 5 things to keep in mind to help you choose the perfect affiliate program –


Content Compatibility


As we all know, to gain a loyal consumer base, you must provide quality content. Content is key for success and that remains true while choosing an affiliate program. Your affiliate program’s products should match the content on your site. If your content is niche, it would be a good idea to choose an affiliate who sells products to that niche market. One of the biggest mistakes people make is signing up with affiliates who have nothing to do with the content just to make a quick buck. Stay true to your content and your consumers will love you for it.


On a Mission for Good Commission


One of the reasons people are so drawn to affiliate marketing is because it pays well. If you have good content and loyal consumer base, chances are you’ll be making thousands of dollars a month. So, while choosing an affiliate program it’s important that you pick a program that pays a high commission – around 20 – 50% on direct sales. It does go higher than that, but this is a great ground to start on.


Promoting Products


In affiliate marketing, you always have the option to link up with multiple affiliate programs, promote an array of products and make a profit. Though this might sound tempting, it’s best if you start off with one. You can always add more to your list later.

The products you promote on your platform should be things that you have a genuine interest in. They will of course fall within your niche and expertise, so when you recommend or advertise products that you personally enjoy, your audience will enjoy your authenticity.

Also, choosing a program that has a line of products makes sure you’re always recommending new things. So, choose accordingly.


Room to Grow


Like any “job”, you want your platform to keep up with the times and your affiliate program should follow the same path. Affiliate programs that give you perks when you do well are great. Though this not really a necessity, a program that gives you incentives helps keep you motivated and making good content.


Happy to Help


Depending on how you like working, you may or may not prefer active affiliates. But when you’re starting out choosing an affiliate program that checks up on you and one that you can easily communicate with is an asset. Also, keep an eye out of programs that give you marketing support as have a repository of pre-written ads, reviews and articles helps you get a better idea of what you need to be putting out there.


There are many amazing affiliate programs out there and it’s a hard choice to make. But if you keep these points in mind while sorting through and we’re sure you’ll find the prefect program for you!


5 Things You Should Know Before You Jump into The World of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s get real for a minute – everyone wants to be financially stable. Nobody wants to be in a position where they can’t afford their needs and can’t indulge in some of their wants. And in today’s world there’s more than one way to be successful and make a good living, all while doing what you like.


You must’ve heard the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ floating around over the past few years. It’s grown in popularity because of its transparent, contemporary and straightforward approach. Thought it may seem like a magic scheme that’ll lead you straight to success, here are 5 things you should know before you jump into the world of affiliate marketing –


Don’t Expect to Get Rich Right Away


They say good things take time and that’s true for affiliate marketing as well. Like any other business, you must stay dedicated and work hard to see results, which will not happen overnight. Though you will be earning money from the start, it takes a while before you make a full-time income. So, don’t get frustrated and stick with it – it’s worth it.


You should stick to your niche


Your niche is what attracts consumers to your platform. You must make sure that since the beginning you stick to a consistent niche which will help your brand grow and gain trust. As a publisher, you might be tempted to work with advertisers outside your niche and vice versa because of better compensation, brand name or platform popularity, but avoid doing so because then the whole point of affiliate marketing is lost.


You don’t need a blog or website


There’s a big misconception that one must have a big website or professional blog to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing but that’s not true at all. If you run a social media account which is centred around a particular niche and has a loyal consumer base, you can explore this fascinating world.


Your content needs to be quality


A consumer is always looking for quality. From content to a product, they want to get the best in return for their time and money. Make sure that as an advertiser or publisher, you are giving the consumer quality. Consistent quality will create trust and trust creates loyal consumers – who are irreplaceable.


It’s not all about the numbers


A lot of think more views, likes and visits translate to a better reach. It is definitely very important as a publisher to increase the traffic to your platform and as an advertiser to choose a platform that has consistent traffic. However, unless the traffic is transformed to authentic conversions, there’s no money being made. So, look beyond the numbers, check your statistics regularly and see what works.


It’s always important to study the facts and fully prepare yourself before you take the first step into any important venture. We hope these 5 tips gave you some clarity and made you more confident going into affiliate marketing. Have fun & congratulations on all the future success!


You Are Invited To Step Conference 2018

Interested in all things digital? Then you have to attend Step 2018 – the best tech festival in Dubai.  Here are 5 reasons you just can’t miss it –




If you’re interested in creating, then Step 2018 is the place for you. Filled with innovators and investors, there’s no other place you’d rather be if you’re looking to start something. Connect, discuss and converse with people with the same interests as you and who knows, maybe you’ll receive an offer you can’t refuse.




Step brings you the most amazing panel of speakers and influencers. With professionals who have had success in everything from start-ups to artificial intelligence, you’ll be gaining a world of knowledge and expertise. Listen to a talk from the COO and CMO of Microsoft (Gulf Region) or stop by for a discussion on finance from the Vice President of Mastercard – the talent is endless.  You can ask these world-famous personalities questions and learn the secret to success.  There’s inspiration at every step.




Yes, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll also be learning so much. If you’ve been wanting to start something new for a while, attending Step might just be the right choice for you. Whether you’re looking to build your own business or invest in another, you’ll find the right opportunities here.  With start-up basecamps, participating start-ups and mentorships, you might find the perfect company to partner with or find a mentor who can guide you through your business plan. Step also has an entire section centered around money and finance, so you can get an all-rounded approach to business.




It’s not just all work and no play at Step 2018. Along with your conferences, workshops, and exhibitions, there are also a lot of exciting events happening. From a music festival which features the best local and regional acts to fun satellite events, there’s always something happening. So, take a break, enjoy the festivals and mix your business with pleasure.




We’re going to be attending Step 2018, so if you’re interested in affiliate marketing, have some questions or want to join our business family, then do come meet us and we’ll have a chat.


So, if you want to learn about the digital world and connect with others in the same field, we highly recommend attending Step 2018. It’s going to be a blast. Hope to see you there!






A lot of people think affiliate marketing works only for big brands, if you have a professional website or a successful blog. But that’s not true at all. Take a quick look and see if you have the following – A phone/laptop, an internet connection and a passion. Got it? Then you’re ready to earn money from your social media account.

Here’s how –


It’s 2018, so chances are you probably have at least 2 separate social media accounts. From Facebook to Instagram, there’s a lot of top options out there. Don’t know what to pick? Start with a digital platform that works best with your content. Want to share information daily? Choose Twitter. Is your content visual based? Go Instagram.


Your content is key to your growth online. Quality content shows great results. Your posts need to be relevant to your niche and they should maximize your value as a brand. Here’s two tips to make your content pop –

  1. People are more likely to engage with posts that have images, so make sure your visual aesthetic is on point.
  2. Shorten your links and make sure they look clean and click friendly through tools like TinyURL and Google URL Shortener.


Your digital reach needs to be organic. Many brands buy their likes to portray an illusion of engagement, but that doesn’t benefit anyone in the long run. Converse with your followers, connect with your peers, build a network and create authentic engagement. Look for clicks not just likes.


Once your social media presence is marketable, you can start working as a publisher and promote products, which will not only benefit your followers but also add value to your brand. By working with advertisers, you’ll be able to earn money and increase your credibility. Make sure you don’t spam your followers, your content is still priority, so, promote what you’re passionate about.

And that’s about it. It’s that simple. So, are you ready to love what you do and get paid for it?

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing through social media, check out our special program here.

Source: Diti Golder/Content Writer

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