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At DCMnetwork we believe in the three T’s of success in performance-marketing – trust, transparency, and technology. Our partnerships with the top advertisers and publishers from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, and Pakistan, reflects our command over this dynamic field.

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Brand Connect

We are trusted by the top advertisers in the MENA region to manage and distribute their content effectively. We run exclusive affiliate programs for the most sought-after brands in the world.

Reliable Data

Our partners rely and trust us on the accuracy of our data, we offer real- time analytical tracking and critical actionable insights. Our Promise

Contemporary Solutions

Our performance marketing model makes working with us transparent & simple! We engage with tools that maximize efficiency in reporting & analysis.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated account managers will always be available to assist you and your queries! Feel free to get in touch at any time via phone, chat & email.

We keep up with the times

As we enter a new decade, we are thoroughly aware on how marketing will evolve. We are geared up and know exactly the vision we have for ourselves and our affiliates.

We offer more than just a partnership

When you sign up with us, you get to go on campaigns with us. We write blog posts, and stories and press releases for your brands and have them consumed by readers across MENA.

Affiliate FAQs

How can I join an affiliate marketing program?

For becoming a DCMnetwork publisher, all you need to do is fill out the online registration form at Signup.
As soon as your application has been submitted, DCMnetwork will need to manually approve it, a process that could take up to 3 working days. You will be notified via email when your application has been approved (or declined). Once approved, you can promote any of our advertisers using our unique links on your site.

Who are Affiliates?

Affiliates can be individual bloggers, publishers, and influencers as well as companies.

Examples include:

  • Content/blogging sites
  • Coupon sites
  • Deal sites
  • Loyalty/reward sites
  • Influencer networks

I am new to affiliate marketing. Do you have guides/tutorials to where I can learn more?

You may check the guides on this link: Affiliate-FAQs

Do Affiliates need a certification to be an affiliate?

There is no certification needed. However, we do recommend that you learn as much as possible about what it means to be an affiliate. Fortunately, there is a lot of information out there to help educate new affiliates, including podcasts, blogs, webinars, research reports and much more.

Do I need to be a registered company with the UAE Authorities to work with you?

No, you don’t! Affiliates can be anyone, even someone using social media can be an affiliate. All you have to do is promote the offers of our advertisers and earn commission on it.

Do Affiliate need to have an established website to get started?

Not necessarily, we don’t require affiliates to use a website in promoting. However, having an established blog/website with a good network of readers/visitors is a plus.

When can I get my first payment?

After you start promoting the brands, here are the steps involved to receive the payment:

  • You promote the brand using user unique links/codes.
  • The customer makes a purchase using your link/code.
  • The conversion gets tracked and is reflected on the portal (as “pending”).
  • The monthly conversions are validated by the advertiser. This can take from 5 to 45 days after a calendar month depending on the advertiser and the industry. Ex: travel brands take a lot longer to validate as compared to food delivery. The valid sales now reflect as “approved” in the portal. The invalid/canceled/returned sales disappear from the portal.
  • The advertiser is invoiced for valid sales.
  • Advertiser makes the payment.
  • Partner invoice is created.
  • Partner is paid on the Payment Cycle if their Account Balance meets the Minimum Payment Threshold and the partner Account Billing is active.

Advertiser FAQs

What Advertisers do you accept?

As of the moment, DCMnetwork only works with MENA based e-commerce websites with checkout pages or shopping carts that have been live and fully functioning for at least 3 months.

How do I enroll my company for affiliate marketing as an advertiser?

All you need to do is sign up through this link: Advertiser Sign Up

Explore Performance Marketing

For the past few years, affiliate marketing has been gaining popularity all over the world. That fact is not surprising – it’s a method that provides exceptional benefits both for the advertisers as well as publishers. Are you interested in joining this incredible performance marketing network and earning more money? Excellent! You’re in the best place – Digital Conversions Media is the main affiliate network in the Middle East and North Africa region. Since our founding in 2012, we have rapidly grown our company and created a  trusted  marketing  system  which  generates  high  sales.  Thanks  to  our  activity,  we  aim  to  make  affiliate marketing easy and accessible to all. Join us and see for yourself!

The Best Arab Affiliate Network – Dubai and Middle East Region

How does our ad platform actually work? It’s super easy! We are affiliate marketing network that brings together brands wanting to promote their products and services, and publishers, who are looking for engaging  and  high-quality  content.  We  connect  both  parties  and  create  a  win-win  scenario.  Brands  can amplify their promotional reach and find new consumers, whereas publishers can gain exciting content for their followers. We negotiate best deals for all sides and make sure that the payments are always on time. Even though our company is based in the Middle East and North Africa region, we work globally as well. With us, you can conquer both local and worldwide markets.

Trust the Front-Runner Company

Why should you choose our affiliate marketing network ? Yes, our company is quite young, but at this very moment, DCMnetwork is the front-runner in the Middle East and North Africa region. And we’re continuously growing in numbers. It’s worth noting that sign up to the service is completely free – as the advertiser, you pay only after you get the conversions to your website or online store. What is important, you can track all the collected data in real-time and observe how well your digital campaigns are working at the moment. Our measurements tool allows you to follow daily impressions, clicks and conversions from the publishers. We also offer methods for tracking mobile campaigns, so you can check if they perform accordingly to your needs. This priceless insight lets you make informed decisions about the next marketing steps. We make sure that publishers are properly rewarded for their work as well. 

Join Top Performance Marketing Network

Our customer-service system works 24/7 and you can contact us via e-mail, telephone as well as through chat. DCMnetwork consultants provide quick and effective solutions for any occurring problems. Are you interested in joining our Arab Affiliate Network – as an advertiser or a publisher? Do you have any questions concerning our ad platform? Don’t wait and contact us today – we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the whole process and show you the many benefits of professional affiliate marketing networks.