A blog in layman terms would be a discussion or informational website that is published consisting of an informal or formal diary-style text entry. A blog can help you disseminate and pass on information in a longer article than you would with your usual advertisements or newsletters. Blogs can be centred around a particular topic or can help you extend your brand’s voice. Not only does it help you actively take part in topics or themes that are being discussed, you can now be part of the dialogue.

We at DCMNetwork are laying down a few ground rules to help you blog succesfully!

Having your own blog increases your chances of SEO, that is, Search Engine Optimisation. All of this is possible after you have your own domain name along with a place it can be hosted. This allows you to dominate your niche audience by providing them relevant content catered just for them.

Here are a few reasons you should start blogging!


  1. It provides you with an audience :
    Starting a blog allows you to capitalise on an audience that may have not heard your voice yet. With each blog post, and each topic you discuss, you are inviting more and more people to join this audience. Blogging allows you to reach a large demographic on people on the internet that can help you promote your business. This helps in attracting an audience because it provides them with value without directly asking them to help you.
  2. It gives you a presence on the internet :
    Keeping an active blog and posting about relevant articles that your audience can relate to allows you to be taken seriously on the internet. This increases the seriousness of your brand and gives it a voice amongst the million other blogs that may be posting similar content. A blog allows you to elaborate on your brand.
  3. It allows for new opportunities :
    A blog will allow you to increase traffic and business opportunities for you in the future. This can be through the press, through video content or user generated articles as well. People will now recognise you as your blog will speak for you. And those that approach you will want to talk about things that are similar to what you may have already covered in your blog.
  4. Give your business a definite voice :
    There are many blogs out there that are talking about the same things that you are. If you want to stand out there has to me a platform through which you can hone and organise your voice to cater to the audiences that want to hear and read the information you are putting across. Blogging both on your own or through a community of writers will allow you to organize your voice and thoughts a certain way and through that you will reach the right audiences.
    Create and increase engagement rates :
    Once your business has found its voice you can now interact with your audience directly. Talk to them and include them in your conversation this will create rates of engagement with your audience. And if you already have a strong audience you can now engage with them and increase your rates of engagements with your audience. This will help build loyalty both within your brand and will extend your reach outside niche circles.6. Your blog is an extension of you :
    Blogging allows you to be your own company. Your story can be explained through your blog. This is your direct path to your followers. You don’t have to depend on external parties – journalists or press. You can write about a topic you would like to discuss and you decide how you portray yourself to your audience. This is a tricky part of your blog because this would mean that your blog posts would be factual.7. Meet new people and other businesses :
    The audience you attract through your blog can provide you with such a strong advantage. Your followers can be owners of their own companies or brands. You can use these contacts to network and grow your own network larger. There are so many bloggers that have grown their businesses by helping one another.

    8. Stand out!
    Blogging may seem like internet hygiene to some but there are a lot of brands that still do not use their resources to start a blog. Allowing yourself to speak through your blog allows you to stand out. This will keep you ahead of the game.

    9. Validate your expertise :
    Think of your blog as your resume. If you blog about a topic enough people will start considering your opinion as expertise. Talk about a certain topic continuously and people will take your word as golden.

    10. Bring in money :
    If your blog is successful enough with active readers there are numerous opportunities to monetize on this. Diversification can be good, and your blog can be a source of additional income. Whether this is active or passive, it can be extremely helpful for you in the long run.

    From increasing traffic on your website, to generating sales and revenue, we at DCMNetwork are here to provide our expertise advice to you.