As of this moment, the Affiliate Marketing trend is continuing to grow steadfastly with no signs of slowing down. Without a doubt, this incline was expedited by Affiliate Marketing Networks that played a major role in synthesizing win-win solutions to the internet’s biggest benefactors, i.e. Businesses and Web Contributors.

Within the Affiliate Marketing world, these benefactors are more commonly referred to as “Advertisers” and “Publishers”. Advertisers are exactly that, companies looking to increase online sales through brand exposure whereas Publishers are enablers of this desired result. They promote Advertiser products through their online influence, reach and traffic for incentives and commission.

These Networks solidified the ease with which this type of Web Marketing could be carried forward globally for Advertisers and Publishers both big and small. The instant recognition of a Network’s power lies within the added value of aggregating, simplifying and managing an otherwise complex online sales process.

How do Affiliate Networks create an Advantage?

  1. Managing Services: Creating an In-house Affiliate Program for some Advertisers can lead to a lot resources spent in time, money and technology. Even after you’ve started there are a lot of procedural and operational issues that can weigh you down such as trademark and affiliate violations, un-authorized re-sellers, MAP Compliance and so on. When an Affiliate Network steps in those problems are handled completely by them. Your involvement in these intricate issues becomes minimal as it is in the best interest of the network to make sure all promotions run smoothly.
  2. Ease and Efficiency: Aside from taking care of the nitty-gritties, Networks also become the half-way point between Advertisers and Publishers. They monitor, report and automatically track sales which ensure that Advertisers pay only for performance and Publishers receive their commissions on time. The involvement on either end can be less intensive and the process moves forward with considerable ease.
  3. Authority: Top Networks that work with multiple brands across various regions, are generally a sign of trust. They have a wider access and can pull multinational brands and publishers on board their programs. Publishers would rather sign up with Networks which are established rather than small in-house affiliate programs. Vice-versa, Advertisers can ensure that the quality of the Publishers promoting their products are already filtered and fitted to their needs.
  4. Win-Win: Advertisers will have access to a plethora of Publishers on a Network. Publishers will have the assistance and expertise of the Affiliate Network’s team that will be responsible for helping with content distribution, optimization and staying on top of the latest offers. When there is a larger number of both Advertisers and Publishers on a single platform, content creation and distribution becomes much more suitable for success. Publishers can pick and choose based on data that indicates certain products will be more in tune with their values and suitable for their audiences and Advertisers have a better chance of having an increasing number of digital conversions.

At the end of the day, Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of work but if you’re in the MENA region and would like a more effective experience, get in touch with DCMnetwork today!

Article Credits: Risha Ghosh