Most people start websites as a way to monetize their passion. But what happens if you’re putting in 110% but not getting anything in return? That can be very frustrating for any creator. That’s why we’ve rounded up 3 main reasons your website is not making you money and what you can do about it –


What’s the point of creating good content if it doesn’t reach anyone? Your content visibility should be priority. You need to make sure your content is out there, and people can easily access it. More visibility means more traffic.

As a creator, you need to make sure your content is optimized for search engines and your topics are trending. One way you can optimize your content is by adding more inbound links. Inbound links is how Google determines the quality of a page, so, populate your page with relevant links.

Another way to get the word of your website out here is by creating a social media buzz. Social media attracts a bigger audience who you can actively interact with. When you get a good social media following going, you can redirect them to your website to increase conversions.

So, amp up your web visibility because visibility translates to profits.


So, you’ve built an audience but they’re just not interacting how you want them to. What’s happening? Well, one possibility is that the traffic you’re getting is not able to access the links to get you conversions. As strange as it sounds, this is possible. If you have a disorganised site or bad cross-platform content management, your audience may not be able to access the links. You need to make sure your visitors have plenty of opportunities of on-site conversions no matter where they land.

Second, you may not be attracting the market you want. The type and quality of your content completely dictates the type of audience you will attract. It’s possible that your content is primarily attracting audiences who have no interest to buy. It doesn’t matter if the traffic is big; your audience needs to be engaging. Chalk out the type of consumer you want and work towards attracting them.

The most common mistake is having a weak call to action (CTA). To encourage anyone to buy, you need to provide them a compelling call to action. So, see what works with the type of content you’re making and provide relevant CTA’s.


Trends are everything. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you need to be in touch with what’s new and trending – be it technology, fashion, food or décor. Your audience needs to trust that your platform will keep them informed always. That’s why it’s very important to keep updating your content and your style to make sure you’re not only refreshing your brand but also attracting new readers.

So, if you’re not quite getting the most out of your website, these reasons might be why. Tweak your structure, see what works and keep evolving.

What tips do you have for making money through your website? Let us know below!