New Marketing Strategy with Twitter | 2018 Statistics

Misinformation always spreads fast. On social, we have a problem finding authentic articles because there are fake ones popping up. It’s no different on Twitter. Numerous spam accounts plague this platform with misleading information which has a negatively impacted user experience. Twitter has definitely evolved over the years and understanding its current user ecosystem will help you deploy a suitable marketing strategy for 2018.

Understand Twitter’s Current state to strengthen your marketing strategy

Twitter has had a lot of problems off late to begin with, the Twitter bot- a software program that sends automated posts on Twitter, most of them being Tweets. Other times, the bots automatically responds to user messages that include specific phrases.

Although sometimes bots can be useful for business objectives, an influx of bots permeating through Twitter’s data base could pose a problem. Another thing to keep in mind is that Twitter isn’t leading when it comes to monthly active users which means your strategy needs to take advantage of Twitter’s strengths while keeping in mind its weaknesses.

  1. Use Twitter for quick customer service

Investing time in Twitter customer service strategy can be beneficial for long term growth of your business. Being responsive on Twitter, you add a level of transparency to your brand and your business will definitely approachable on a personal level. Take for instance Dove. By responding to more tweets in 2017, they received more positive sentiments from customers. If there is sensitive information that needs to be transferred, make sure it is directed to the company’s DM.

  1. Share Video content for higher engagement with followers

Do videos have the ability of cutting through the clutter of misinformation on the platform? According to statistics, video views on Twitter have grown 220x from what they were 12 months ago, so yes, they do. Research also shows that Twitter videos perform best in terms of reach compared to posts with images, GIF’s and links. Video on Twitter also outperforms Facebook video reach by 38%.

Keep following points in mind:

  • Keep your video short-up to 30-45 seconds
  • Use “content pillars”- keep in mind what the actual message is and its direct relation- example, education or inspiration
  • Hook them early- the first 1-4 seconds is vital
  1. Network with Influencers and Potential Partners to forge connections

Twitter can still be thought of as a place for brands and users alike to reach celebrities, journalists and leaders directly, although it has become more challenging this year- with bots and surrounding verified accounts.

Use TwitterAudit– a free service that allows you to input any Twitter handle and will correspondingly share a quality score of whether or not they see the account as real or fake. 

  1. Share Business Information with your audience in real time

Twitter has always been a viable platform to share breaking news stories despite the influx of misinformation. This is because there is a critical mass of active users that contribute content and there is a low barrier to entry. Moreover, Retweets are an easy way to share content because they are streamlined and Twitter also supports breaking stories with “trending topics.”

In conclusion, the network underwent a rough patch but has also drastically evolved. By using the right plan in place, it can be extremely impactful for your business’ marketing strategy.