With Affiliate Marketing seeping it’s way through popular industries such as Fashion, Electronics, FCMG, Auto, Travel and so on, there’s plenty of proof that Affiliate Marketing has seen great success. According to an article on Huffington Post, forecasts suggest that the growth of the Affiliate Marketing sector would reach $6.8 billion by 2020.

That being said, several Affiliate Networks in UAE, KSA and Egypt such as DCMnetwork, have risen to the occasion of leveraging this channel so that Advertisers and Publishers target right audiences to maximize content monetization. Of course, the successful growth of any industry is dependent on what’s trending. As consumers become more tech-savvy and online shopping experiences show heavy reliance on digital platforms, innovation has been the backbone in accommodating change. It’s said, “change is inevitable” and with Affiliate Marketing Programs in UAE, KSA and Egypt, it couldn’t be truer. Here are a few trends for success in Affiliate:

  1. Increased Usage of Visuals: Humans are designed to be more reactive to visuals. If you see it, you relate to it. This is one tactic that has been employed a gazillion times (and counting!) in the digital world for its effectiveness. Planning to watch a YouTube video? Oh no you don’t, not without watching that video advert you can’t skip at times. Videos have literally taken over the Internet – be it social media, websites, demos – anything at all. When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, if you don’t engage your audience with videos, you’re missing out on a gigantic opportunity. It’s much easier to get someone to watch a video, rather than asking them to read huge chunks of content. Probably should’ve thought about that before penning this article, eh?
  2. Increase Usage of Payment Models Based on EPC – Earnings per click (EPC) is an affiliate payment mode which structured around the amount of commission you receive for successful click-throughs or desired activities performed on affiliate links. While this payment mode is well-used throughout Affiliate Networks, it is expected to continue climbing higher than ever. Why is it popular? It’s the detailed insight for both Advertisers and Publishers that helps them determine what works for them and what needs to be changed?
  3. Publishers: Publishers? Aren’t they already an integral part of Affiliate Marketing? What’s new about them? With content gaining popularity in the world of Affiliate Marketing Programs, the role of bloggers and influencers has also skyrocketed. It’s more impactful when affiliates are also people that are highly influential and trusted by potential customers of the brand. Realizing the power that content publishers hold in driving sales revenue, more brands are starting to rope in top bloggers and influencers. To ensure success however, brands need to provide a clear briefs while maintaining cost-efficiency and workability for all.

With constant evolution in the world of Affiliate Marketing, one thing is certain – Affiliate Marketers are on the rise and show no signs of stopping; only growing further than they are today.