Forget advertisements, all of Social Media is filled with it. Filtering out from the noise and emerging distinct from the crowd is what your startup needs to conquer the world of digital marketing.

Here are nine easy hacks that you can implement right away and see instant results.

Run time-constrained contests

Stay ahead of the competitors by giving your customers another neat reason to visit your website. Run a contest that has a time limit. In a world of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) nobody wants to be on the missing end. Give your customers a game of chance to win a prize. It could be a gift card or an electronic item, or anything that could spark interest in your website. For example, a giveaway of let’s say, an iPad, which ends in 15 days, could generate the much-needed buzz and get organic traffic into your site. It is another way to get returning customers to your site.

Start creating videos

It’s the visual era and videos are the most efficient forms of media content. Your customers prefer to watch videos to understand your site and your product instead of reading long pieces of articles. So, get creative and leverage video marketing.

Run a blog alongside

Do not underestimate the power of a powerful blog. Content is king in today’s world of organic traffic. Accompany your videos with a full-fledged blog post or make videos based out of articles on the blog. Give your website the credibility by practicing the art of blogging regularly.

Startup hacks

Get into influencer marketing

Influencer is the word of the decade. When you log into any social media sites, you will chance upon various kinds of influencers, be it micro or a renowned celebrity. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report, about 83% of the consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family. The influencer marketing is a technique to use a familiar face to endorse your product. Wouldn’t you trust the product if your favorite celebrity recommended it? Bet you would!

Be mindful of your landing page

Once you gear up your ad, it all depends on where you send your audience. Ensure that your landing page is relevant and optimized in the best way possible, giving a credible impression. No matter how massive your brand is, always treat it like you are introducing it.

Stay up to date

The only way to stay on top of the game is to know the latest tools. The ever-evolving and advancing world of digital marketing will keep you on your toes. Don’t shy away from checking creative ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and even Amazon. Try and test everything that is trending.

Let your CSR be strong

Corporate Social Responsibility can either be applaudable or eye-roll worthy. Be extremely selective and innovative with your CSR projects. Many small-scale companies have gained international recognition through their CSR because of mindful selection and execution. CSR can also help you bag funding from venture capitalists, so take the responsibility seriously. The starting point can be the identification of a problem that people can relate to, and the next step would be trying to solve it in the most innovative way.

Co-marketing can go a long way

Chances are, that your products will reach their maximum potential when paired with another similar complimentary product. The combined results are valued more by customers, so be on the lookout for collaboration and be open to co-marketing to power your way up.

Use voucher codes

E-commerce got a much-required boost by the use of coupon codes. Using codes has been proven to be effective and studies show that 39% of shoppers who receive personalized coupons always shop more. About 31 billion e-coupons were predicted to be redeemed worldwide this year, so if you are not using voucher codes then you are not keeping up. Partner with sites such as VoucherCodesUAE, and CouponCodesME to give your visitors a little push to convert.