With rising competition, there is much more to affiliate marketing than just building an affiliate site today. Just putting up a review of a product won’t do anymore. An affiliate site should essentially be viewed as any other business and should have a well-designed website, a strong brand presence as well as a logo and tagline that garner attention. Legitimacy is the key to earning trust from your potential customers. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind:

  1. Creating content that converts

Low quality content won’t do you any good. Content needs to be unique and valuable, something that keeps the user engaged so that they keep returning to your site for more. The first step is identifying your main audience so that you can provide the information they are looking for. If you’re writing a product review, you should mention the pros and cons. This makes it genuine and viewers will know it is well researched and accurate. Furthermore, a blogpost or video should not just introduce a product but should also help the consumer in arriving at a profitable decision. If you don’t have time to create content yourself, the wisest thing to do would be hiring a great content writer; which can be beneficial in the long run.

  1. Importance of SEO

Good quality content and SEO go hand in hand but there are additional factors to be considered as well. Affiliate sites depend on organic search traffic which means that if your traffic is not coming from a variety of sources, you might be at risk of losing readership. Affiliate sites also tend to be a part of blog networks that are private (PBNs) which can pose certain risks when it comes to search engine rankings. To cover up for this, you need to make a strong backlink profile through authority links which are legitimate.

  1. Differentiation

What makes your website standout from other sites that are selling the same product? What is the USP? You should be able to answer this question in order to create a website that is different from the rest. Focus on the design, layout and content and more importantly, creating customer satisfaction. Make it convenient and easy to navigate, offer benefits which your competitors are not. This will give rise to growth in the long haul.

  1. A profitable niche which also stands out

Some niches might be profitable for a while but they can come and go. When a product gets outdated, people instantly lose interest in the niche and earnings begin to decline. Choose something that is evergreen, so that chances of fluctuation are less. You can slowly add other products to expand later. Some popular niches are health and fitness, travel, wealth etc. That being said, even these can reach a saturation point, so a thorough research needs to be done beforehand.

  1. Income that is diversified

The more income streams you add to your site, the more money you’ll make. This does not come without challenges though. You need to give equal importance to all products while adding new ones, so that customer satisfaction is still maintained.

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