Guest posting is very beneficial as your audience is broadened and it brings increased exposure. It can reach out to a new set of individuals and also help build back links. While it might be powerful, it will only diversify your reach to a certain extent. To make sure you truly expand your reach, you have to think of new content forms, like podcasting.

With podcasting, you are diverting from your original form of content, hence attracting a wider audience, which will also enhance your marketing strategies. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider podcasting:

  1. Reaching a new audience

What you need to keep in mind is that not everyone enjoys reading, and to reach other potential audience, new forms of content have to be created. By appearing as a guest on a podcast, you gain loyal followers. A lot of people are turning to their speakers for entertainment, and this industry is remarkably growing by the day. Although blogging has its own advantages, a traditional blogging platform doesn’t guarantee that a customer will come back unless there’s a prompt. This is where podcasting has a winning edge. Besides, associating your name with a podcast that is well appreciated within a community can also improve your brand’s awareness and credibility.


  1. You can improve relationships and build trust

Website owners can upload as many guest posts as they want considering it entails low risks. But when it comes to podcasting, there’s more competition involved. When you personally come to talk to your brand or provide an expert opinion on a specific topic, the audience will instantly remember you as they would think of you as worthy enough to be a guest. As they get to know your personality, they create stronger connections with you which may open new doors to collaborate on bigger partnerships as well.


  1. You have to put in minimal effort

When you’re a guest on a podcast, technically, all you need to do is show up. The rest is up to the host. Perhaps, the least you’ll have to do is plan a little on what you’re going to say, as marketing or promotions are again left to the host, who in all probability will brief you before it all starts and might even tell you their questions early on, if there’s anything in particular you would like to cover. This makes your appearance a breeze.


  1. You will have high quality content at the end of your show

Even though a podcast is aired only for a couple of minutes, it always has a long lasting impact. Podcast replays are done online to share content with your audience. By pointing out to key portions in podcasts that a person can listen to, you can also gain the attention back from individuals who aren’t keen on listening to the entire show. In this manner you could also share essential quotes on your social media or website.


  1. Your listeners will stay engaged till the end

With blogposts and infographics, customers leave the content before they even reach the end. They skim through and miss out on essential points which can hurt your chances of making a strong first impression. But when it comes to podcasts, this doesn’t necessarily apply. They can listen to it while simultaneously doing other tasks.


To conclude, interviewing on another’s podcast, is an easy, cheap and effective way of expanding your audience and acquiring new leads.