Reasons your content is not good enough and how to grab audience’s attention:

These days it seems like content is the only thing marketers talk about. And why wouldn’t they? Good content has the ability in driving more sales and creating loyal customers. You’re probably aware by now that ‘content is king.’ So what’s all the hype about?

You may have written several blog posts and also created videos in the past, but if it did not direct suitable audience, something must have definitely gone wrong. Creating content is never really enough to make your business flourish. If people are not engaging with what you are producing, then it is evident that you are wasting your time, money as well as resources. We’ve come up with a list of mistakes you might be making, so that you can take necessary steps to turn your results around.

  1. No proper Strategy

If you’re posting whatever you want, whenever you want, you aren’t thinking strategically in terms of posting goes. Thus, audience tends to ignore whatever you’re sharing. A planned content marketing strategy will help you identify what you would like to accomplish with your content as it makes you think about the intention behind it. By creating a purpose, you can outline your objectives, goals and metrics.

2. Not publishing enough

When it comes to content, quality definitely beats quantity. However, if you rely on posting once a month to garner attention, that is not going to happen. Consistency plays an important role in building credibility with your search engines and your audience. By creating more blogs, you will drive more traffic to your website while also proving to google that you have valuable content that people are genuinely interested in reading.

Ensure you don’t produce low quality content though, this will make your audience lose faith in the quality they are expecting.

Videos could be another great way of gaining attention by breaking complex ideas which make it simpler for the audience to understand

3. Differentiating between content and sales pitches

The sole aim of marketing today is to create interest in your business and drive sales. What you need to keep in mind is that customers do not like being sold to. Your content should be created in such a manner so that it caters to the need of the buyer in every stage of the journey. For this, you need to make sure your lead becomes aware of your brand which also means your content needs to stand out from piles of information which is already available on the web. In order to encourage your customers to purchase something again, you need to make use of newsletter and webinars.

4. Not knowing your audience

Focusing content to a particular audience is extremely important even if it means you’ll be narrowing down your audience pool. This way, you’ll make deeper connections and you will be able to see a stable growth from your content. By defining your ‘who’  and by being specific and creating a ‘buyer persona’, you will be capable of understanding the problems they are facing and also create prospective solutions.

5. No promotions

You need to provide links, feature related hashtags or any other information that will make your audience want to enagage with you. You could further make use of email marketing , forums, social and influencer marketing to improve your results. On facebook, if you’re changing what you’re promoting, work around the algorithm that was initially created. Along with this it is important that your content is properly optimized as well.