Establish your e-mail marketing campaigns ASAP because news has it that for every dollar spent on it, you can expect about a 3800% return. Yup, that’s according to State of Email Survey.

Email campaigns is easy, breezy and universal but it is not a piece of cake. Earlier we talked about the power of Social Media, and while the emphasis on it should increase in the coming decade, e-mails aren’t supposed to be forgotten. The audience on Social Media are fragmented by their age group, but e-mail is universal. An OptinMonster survey showed that 99% of people use email every single day, so imagine the reach you will have with the right kind of emails.

Now comes the most important point of the topic:

How to build your brand with e-mail campaigns?

Your subscribers already trust you so it’s easy to convert

Your subscribers have already signed up for your email list, which means you offer them what they want. Because of the value that you’re giving them, they don’t mind clicking a link you sent as long as it is relevant to your brand. This means you can expect high conversion rates. Also, the e-mail list is entirely yours and no one can take it away from you.

Avoid spammy content

Since you are asking your audience to sign up for an e-mail, you have to ensure that you are giving them something of value. Always ensure your content is the lead magnet, which means it is offering something in the highest quality value. For example, VoucherCodesUAE is a coupon site but it also blogs regularly with new refreshing content like online digital magazines, sending across regular newsletters.


Consistency is the key

Let a particular day of the week be the day your customers expect an e-mail from you. Your valuable content needs an output and consistency can render effective outcome. Consistency builds a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers and builds an unbreakable familiarity with the brand. From the visual look to the timing, keep everything consistent and strategize well, and it will work wonders.

Personalize the mail to stand out

Last year, the number of emails sent and received per day reached a whopping 281.1 billion, which means e-mail marketing became an extremely competitive space. Out of so many brands sending your customers an e-mail, what will make your customers open your mail over theirs? Personalization and segmentation are the ultimate keys to stand out. Dividing the mail on age, gender and purchase history can help you craft a personalize e-mail target, which will automatically be more appealing to your customers. Studies have show that 77% of marketers are already leveraging personalization to get an edge over competitors.

Integrate Social Media on your e-mails

social media dcmnetwork

Treat these mediums as one. With your wide e-mail reach, drive your audience to your Social Media sites for more organic followers. Integrate Social Media links in to familiarize your subscribers to your Social Media handle. This means, responsibility for your active Social Media presence is thoroughly scaled, but the outcome will be rewarding enough!

Because the competition is fierce in the world of digital marketing, and e-mail marketing is a powerful tool to stay relevant and ahead of your competitors. Now, it is only a matter of execution, so do not hesitate to invest on e-mail marketing campaigns. Happy growing!