A lot of people think affiliate marketing works only for big brands, if you have a professional website or a successful blog. But that’s not true at all. Take a quick look and see if you have the following – A phone/laptop, an internet connection and a passion. Got it? Then you’re ready to earn money from your social media account.

Here’s how –


It’s 2018, so chances are you probably have at least 2 separate social media accounts. From Facebook to Instagram, there’s a lot of top options out there. Don’t know what to pick? Start with a digital platform that works best with your content. Want to share information daily? Choose Twitter. Is your content visual based? Go Instagram.


Your content is key to your growth online. Quality content shows great results. Your posts need to be relevant to your niche and they should maximize your value as a brand. Here’s two tips to make your content pop –

  1. People are more likely to engage with posts that have images, so make sure your visual aesthetic is on point.
  2. Shorten your links and make sure they look clean and click friendly through tools like TinyURL and Google URL Shortener.


Your digital reach needs to be organic. Many brands buy their likes to portray an illusion of engagement, but that doesn’t benefit anyone in the long run. Converse with your followers, connect with your peers, build a network and create authentic engagement. Look for clicks not just likes.

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Once your social media presence is marketable, you can start working as a publisher and promote products, which will not only benefit your followers but also add value to your brand. By working with advertisers, you’ll be able to earn money and increase your credibility. Make sure you don’t spam your followers, your content is still priority, so, promote what you’re passionate about.

And that’s about it. It’s that simple. So, are you ready to love what you do and get paid for it?

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Source: Diti Golder/Content Writer