Welcome to the year 2020 where everything is new including the year, decade, strategies, and skills for digital marketing. The cut-throat competition in the field calls for the survival of the fittest, and if you want your business to sustain long-term then you have to revamp the skill set now.

Here are the skills you will be needing to ace your space in the world of digital marketing.

Curating and strategizing

This includes strategic planning and content marketing. These are the key starting points to curate a direction towards success. When planning blog posts and Social Media posts, the target audience should be kept in mind to encourage conversion. Taking the audience to the right landing pages with attractive buttons can help you score your goals.


Search Engine Optimization governs the world of digital marketing. It is the most required skill of 2020 rendering basic knowledge of dominating Google Searches. It pays to showup on Google frontpage, and will keep your content relevant with organic traffic swooping in.

Social Media marketing

social media dcmnetwork

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and the clan sells millions of products in a matter of minutes, how do they do it? Yes, they are everywhere and you simply cannot ignore them. Their reality TV popularity scaled exponentially with Social Media as they started doing business through it. Same with Huda Cosmetics and Fashion Nova. These are the sheer examples of how effective Social Media marketing is for your brand. Be thorough with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and even Tik Tok. With an average of 500 million tweets sent every day and 400 million viewers on Instagram Stories, the power to influence on these platforms will hit the bullseye if you do it right.

Video marketing

Say you want to learn how to make those perfect fluffy pancakes. Would you read about it or rather watch a YouTube video demonstrating it? Over 96% of people say they would watch an explainer video over reading. Leverage on this form of media and communication, evolve with times and incorporate video making in your plans.


linked in

The reason for LinkedIn’s exclusion from the above-mentioned Social Media subhead is mainly because it is extremely important. LinkedIn is considered to be the most effective Social Media channel for B2B transactions. You will not only sell your brand and make it known, but also attract skilled professionals.


Do you keep up with fashion and information and innovation? If yes, then why hasn’t your website design changed? An overwhelming and overpopulated website results in a high bounce rate, so it is extremely important to have an evolving website since it is in a continuous state of optimization.

The top skilled jobs will be offered to growth marketing and marketing data scientists, which proves the spur of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Are you ready to be in the game?