The Importance of Customer Care:

Customer care service is the only avenue presented to customers in order to express their stress and feedback in services. From an error in the purchase to the incorrect delivery address, everyone calls the number presented to them on the website and in most cases, the time waited to hear from your Savior on the other side of the phone might last longer than expected. The age-old saying teaches us to always put customer care first. Buyers needs are to be redressed and resolved immediately. One bad review can lead to a drop in sales that could in turn damage a long and strong brand image.

In order to ensure you lose sales a strong and friendly customer service is helpful. But how can you ensure your problems are addressed at the earliest? 

First things first :  

The first step to solving a problem is to execute an action. We provide two instruments of contact for our services. One would be a contact number: +97144425058. In order to ensure your complaint is solved at the earliest ensure you contact us during our working hours. Do call our customer care as we will ensure all your grievances are addressed. And would love any feedback on how we can improve our services.  

If you would like to send us an online complaint we allow for that option as well. Send any grievances you may have to our email at [email protected]. Our customer care will ensure a prompt reply as and when we receive your complaint.  

Always keep these handy :  

Everyone wants their queries to be answered as soon as possible. And we would like to provide our services in the quickest way possible. In order to help us, help you, the following things are imperative. Receiving these will help us track your queries at the earliest and will help the process sail smoothly :  

  • Account ID or CID: The unique code is given to you at the time of purchase. 
  • Account Name: The name you have selected as synonymous with your order. 
  • Contact Information: Any personal details that will help us track you down easily. 
  • Issue / Question: This would be the main agenda at the table – the problem to be discussed. 

 Options to choose from:  

Calling customer service would seem like the fastest way to ensure your problems are solved. That may be true but in some cases,  it may lead to a longer, confused and more inefficient way of reaching a solution. For simple queries, a call would suffice as a lengthy email might take longer than a simple dial of your phone. Depending on the query you wish to address you can choose between both options. 

Certain issues are better resolved when viewed on its own rather than to be explained over the phone. Sending a screenshot of your error in purchase would be more efficient in order to avail quick results. Tracking related queries, assistance on best practices, situations regarding testing, User interface errors, Questions related to tracking, exchange of alerts are easier when one submits a ticket while the rest such as simple and complex questions may be addressed via a phone call. 

Now that you know how you can help us, we’re here to address your every query. Leave us an email or give us a call and we will get back to you at the earliest.