We’ve all been in situations where we want to let go of our 9-5 jobs and create something that works for us at our own pace and time. We also want that something to give us a substantial income so that we can continue to support our lifestyle and grow our savings at the same time. Most people go digital and turn to blogging from home as a full-time career with low cost. Blogs require constant effort to grow over time, but in the long run, the pay-off is huge.

With Affiliate Marketing trending on a large scale, Affiliate Blogs have also started to come up where people can successfully earn their passive income. If you’re wondering how you can also create your own profitable Affiliate Blog, here is some food for thought for you!

  • Generate content that is valuable to your readers – There’s plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to the blogging world. So why should people visit your blog? The answer – honest content that people can relate to. If you’ve used a specific brand of chocolate to make a batch of cookies but don’t seem to like the quality of the chocolate, then its better to mention this rather than giving rave reviews just to earn commission. Bloggers that bring in transparency in their content are the ones who see more website hits and successes.
  • Understand your audience – Before you start drafting out blogging content, check who your audience is and what expertise do they expect from you. If your blog is about baking and your audience is interested in learning baking basics, jot down products that you’ve used in the past and would surely recommend, to help first time bakers prevent baking disasters. Here are three questions you should ask yourself from your audience’s standpoint:
    • What product features does my audience find important?
    • How can I get my audience to visit my affiliate’s link?
    • What solutions would my audience find more interesting?
  • Build Loyalty – Writing affiliate blog posts is all fun and games…until you find that your reader’s need to trust you before they can buy from you. Work towards gaining loyalty from your audience by posting helpful, non-promotional content that is packed with valuable data. Once you’ve constructed the all-important, early trust between you and your audience, here are a few tips to keep that trust going long and strong:
    • Comparison: When you write affiliate blog posts, feel free to compare between brands and related products. Not only does it tell your audience that you’re thorough with research, it shows them that you’ve explored all available options to give your unbiased opinion.
    • Speak from personal experience: As an affiliate marketer, it is all about you – your experience with brands, your knowledge about products, brands that you love. Tell your audience what gave you top results that you were looking for.

Get your Affiliate Marketing blog started with these few tips! If you find yourself a bit lost and would like to join affiliate programs that could help you out, sign up with a top Affiliate Network in the MENA region to kickstart your blogging game.