Commerce Content refers to content that is editorial based which gives concise service and product recommendations that are thoughtful as well as relevant to their readers. Although Commerce Content publishers are paid for actions or purchases that are made from their posts, their model varies from sponsored posts; the former has a sincere responsibility towards their readers- editorial integrity is given top priority followed by revenue.

Affiliate Marketing is a natural Fit. Generally speaking, people visit sites that they trust very often, for content that engages them. That being said, an organic interest from readers already existed. While visiting these sites, the click through rate soared and purchases were made too.

This is where affiliate marketing comes into the picture, primarily as a way of diversifying revenue streams. People engaged in commerce content provide valuable service to readers and affiliate marketing provides the infrastructure that is needed to support monetization.

This is how Commerce Content provides value to Affiliate Marketing

Although readers come first to publishers, affiliate marketers have plenty of scope in this model. According to a study, the product, discovery and research phase is very critical in terms of marketing. Commerce content publishers have an edge in attracting shoppers in the sense that they typically provide long form content as opposed to reading snippets on a banner.

Customers in this case, aren’t really looking to avail discounts, but are looking for recommendations from a source they can trust. This results in high click through rates leading in high conversion rates. In the ideal scenario, repeat customers are made who turn out to be valuable lifetime customers.

How to make the best use of Commerce Content Opportunities

Advertisers need to keep in mind that these publishers create content to strive and meet the demand of their readers. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use independent third party sources to support your claims, if possible
  • Make sure your product or category is in tune with Publisher’s content and audience
  • Spend some time in understanding the voice of the publisher’s site and state clearly why your product is the best and how customers can benefit

Use of Cross Devices

A lot of Commerce content is consumed through multiple devices, so the customer journey needs to be mandatorily understood as it is essential in providing a wholesome view of where and how people are converting. Advertisers need a complete sense of the customer’s journey and using Cross Device tracking solutions can solve just that. It also opens up other opportunities for advertisers to engage on platforms where they might have reached another set of people.

So, what’s comes next?

Commerce content, in all probability will not deviate from its current model but can expand into various verticals so as to create content for different audiences. These are some of the other areas where commerce content could be heading:

  • Video becoming a huge component , as long as it fits the product that is being promoted
  • Commerce content publishers might collaborate with retailers or even developing products in association with them


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