So, you’ve finally decided to step foot into the world of affiliate marketing. You’ve chosen the best affiliate programs in UAE or the best affiliate programs in Saudi. You’ve also sorted the blogging platform be it WordPress or Blogger from Google. But where most of us find ourselves in a rut would be when we try to decide the category we want to write for. Is the blog going to be about automobiles? Or plants? Or pets? There are lots of ideas that come to mind, but as always, the best idea is the one that can help us earn money.

Sometimes you feel tempted to write about all 3 of the genres listed above, and you CAN talk about all these subjects. However, it is better to find one niche you are comfortable contributing to, and that guarantees ease in gaining newer audiences. To help reduce some of the confusion in your mind, here are 3 popular blog categories that you can start your affiliate marketing career with:

  1. Health & Fitness – This is one blog category that shows great potential. Thousands of people actively look for solutions to become healthier and fitter. Some want to lose stubborn pounds off or some want to try out veganism, and some may even want to tap into the power of full-body workouts – the list is endless. Affiliate marketing would work best with this niche because the audience would enthusiastically try out affiliate products that may have done wonders for you.
  2. Fashion & Beauty – The popularity and success rate of this category are a no-brainer. Several people create fashion blogs not just for the money, but also for access to trending events. Who wouldn’t want to try out an exclusive range of beauty products or attend fashion shows? Not many would have a no as an answer. Blogging in this category can get tough though since it requires individuals to be bolder and get their personality out there. Many fashion & beauty bloggers start gaining followers on visual platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Food – This isn’t necessarily an easy genre to blog about, but it can be monetized well in the long run. What works best with this niche is creating a big audience whilst using online advertisements in addition to affiliate marketing. Once your blog receives good traffic, you can slowly shift gears towards teaching people how to create successful food blogs. You basically start off with the food niche and transition to the individual finance niche.

The blogging category that you choose doesn’t have to be something you are passionate about. Once you get returns from your blog, you will automatically find yourself loving the topic and working towards learning more about the subject. “Profitability lies in popularity” is your mantra to keep you going when it comes to running your successful affiliate marketing career!