Plenty of new comers in the affiliate arena have genuine questions about the legitimacy of affiliate marketing, whether there is actual scope to make money or if it just happens to be another scam. This especially happens when they come across a two (or more) tiered program that is often confused with a pyramid scheme.

Although you can make a very successful attempt in this industry, the fact that every person can put up stuff online also means that you need to be cautious before making a decision to get into something. Keep these points in mind:

Paying Fees

Real affiliate marketing programs don’t cost anything to join. The only way you end up getting paid is if you make a sale.  There’s no “membership fee” involved in these programs. You might find programs that charge a set “set up fee” or maybe even offer to sell you a website to market with. Be smart and walk away from it. Becoming an affiliate is free in legitimate cases.

Phony marketing

This is a very common scam, comprising of phony courses and training. There’s no doubt that everyone wants to be at the top and get an edge over their competitors, whether it’s business, advertising or writing. This is where these phony marketers come into play, offering courses through DVD’s , webinars and E-books claiming you are already on your way to becoming super rich. They also try and sell you not so relevant stuff like pens, E-books and T-shirts for money. By the time you actually acquire the item, you realize everything is available online.

Schemes promising big income in no time

You are most likely to stumble upon schemes which give you dreamy visions of earning big bucks with little effort and you will find hundreds of ads on the internet that promote them. These scammers will convince you that if you enrol with their company for a few hundred dollars, you’ll gain access to and learn all the tricks that can make you a millionaire in no time. In reality, you will just end up with a huge dent in your bank account. Note that when people lure you into schemes by revealing their ‘secrets’ to earning big money, it is always a scam.

Fake products

The basic premise of affiliate marketing is that marketers make money by promoting services and products from other companies. Sometimes, by using the name of reputed and famous company, scammers can come up with fake products that could be difficult to spot. They go through great lengths to create a credible portfolio and also use impressive infographics that they can easily sell if you’re gullible enough to buy it.

Avoid the hype

In order to avoid the above mentioned scams, it is essential that you educate yourself, learn the basics of affiliate marketing and look for warning signs before getting involved with a firm. Read blogs from Reputable sources like DCMnetwork to get access to various articles which are highly informative.

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