Affiliate marketing is a crazy world where anything can happen, and that’s why you need some structure to make sense of it. And that structure comes in the shape of affiliate networks. Affiliate networks help connect advertisers and publishers in a mutually beneficial deal to make sure everyone profits.

But how do you choose the right affiliate network for you? Well, there are many things to consider from content compatibility to your growth opportunities. But we’re here to talk about 5 things that every affiliate network should offer you. This is what you should not only want but expect –


Who doesn’t want to work with the best brands in the world? Your affiliate network should connect you with top brands and global advertisers, so you can collaborate with the best. World-class brands boost your reputation and you’re able to give your audience access to quality products.


The world of affiliate marketing is confusing and through your journey, it’s only natural that you’ll have various questions and queries. Your affiliate network should be the one you turn to for any help. You must create a trusted bond with your network and they are accountable. So, choose a network that gives you 24/7 assistance, and attention and one that lives up to its promises.


Affiliate marketing is all results and you must see returns on your investments. That’s why you should expect your affiliate network to have the latest technology, top measurement tools, and expert staff so that you get critical insights and analytics.

Look for technology that will help you track conversions, gain valuable information, access accurate metrics, and gain actionable data, so you can see what works and what doesn’t in real-time. All this will help you edit your data accordingly and create better content.


Your content is key to attracting and keeping an audience who are loyal and invested in your platform. However, it can be a little tough to always be in touch with all the trends and keep up with the changes in the industry. So, your affiliate network should help you with managing your content and make sure you’re always at the top of your game.

From information on the latest campaigns, weekly performance e-mails, useful analytics, and cross-platform campaigns, your content must get the best placement.


Your affiliate network should never ask you for money on “promised” results. Period. Following a fixed commission-per-sale model works better as you receive monthly payments on the dot and guaranteed results and conversions.

If you are new to the affiliate marketing game and are on the hunt for an affiliate network, make sure they can offer you these 5 basic amenities first!

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