The aim of the game for advertisers is to increase brand awareness and improve their market reach. And for this purpose, who better to choose than consumers themselves? This is where the role of Affiliate Publishers comes in. Here are a few Affiliates to recruit to meet your business objectives:

  • Bloggers and Editorialists
    This form of Affiliate is perfect for advertisers looking to utilize organic reach to targeted audiences. Bloggers and Editors would essentially promote the product through their personal platforms. They carefully select products to match the needs of their niche audience.
  • News Sites
    Apart from covering mainstream news, online news websites also accommodate special articles from guest writers. The posts written by guest writers have links to advertisers’ products included and could talk about product benefits. This type of Affiliate is most appropriate for spreading the word about new launches.
  • Content Networks
    With the blogosphere getting populated with more content creators, there is definitely no shortage of information. Websites that focus on specific topics and earn money through affiliate banner ads, website text crosslinks, and picture links, generally fall within the umbrella of content network affiliates.

So, now that you, the advertisers, are aware of the different types of affiliates, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a platform that can help you out with managing your affiliates in the MENA region, DCMnetwork is THE affiliate network to connect with.

Article Credits: Kanika Mathur