First things first, if you are looking for the best affiliate marketing websites in MENA means that you are looking to expand your business and make money out of it in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Affiliate marketing can be best described as performance-based marketing where advertisers and publishers meet on a common affiliate platform– an affiliate website. The fact that affiliate marketing has a low-risk factor, followed by the ease in measuring Return of Investments (ROI) has made this strategy worth approximately 7 billion dollars in the United States alone, and in MENA it is definitely growing. In fact, the affiliate marketing business is mushrooming all across MENA, so we have filtered the best and the established ones.

Is affiliate marketing right for your brand?

When you were just a baby you never needed running shoes, but as you grew older, running shoes became an inseparable part of your life. This is exactly what affiliate marketing is to brands. If your brand is ready to scale to a whole new level then you are ready for an affiliate partnership.

To be a part of this partnership, you need to sign up to an affiliate website, an eCommerce platform where brands meet people.

Recruiting affiliates is yet another challenge in deciding partnerships, so we will explore that in the next blog article.

As for now, let’s get the basics right.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is the process of offering a brands’ product to publishers to do marketing on the brand’s behalf. Your brand and your affiliate network aka your partner will profit based on performance, which means advertisers only pay for results and publishers make a commission for every sale happening through their channel.

The publisher can help spread awareness on your brand through their own marketing efforts such as their affiliate marketing blog, a wide Social Media reach with platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. The ever-growing content marketing industry can easily make your brand a household name once your affiliate network starts benefiting on the mention of your brand. It is a win-win scenario.

When do you need an affiliate partnership?

  • When your brand is ready to scale.

  • When you’ve built trust with your audience.

  • When you believe in the product you are selling.

  • When there is a value attached to it.

  • When you’re looking to network.

  • When you’re looking for long-term benefits over quick ones.

  • When you want your brand’s marketing to be done by professionals.

  • When you want to ace the space of digital marketing.

As for the publishers, it’s imperative to know that affiliate marketing will not make you rich overnight. You should have a steady source of income, and use affiliate commission as your passive income.

Just like any other marketing strategy, there are pros and cons to affiliate marketing. One such issue is that of affiliate marketing scams. You have to beware of it, which further means you have to know the kind of affiliate you are signing up with.

To make the research easier for you, we have compiled a list of trustworthy and good affiliate marketing websites across MENA.



best affiliate website DCM logo

We are partly advertising, but the truth is DCMnetwork has established itself to be a leading affiliate marketing website in the Middle East and North Africa region. Established in 2012, DCM network equipped with the best set of technologies and innovative minds, spearheads performance marketing programs across MENA. The recent innovation includes couponbot and chatbots that have already benefitted hundreds of e-commerce brands including Esaad, Noon, Amazon, Alshaya, Landmark Group, al Tayer, and many more. In fact, the partnership caters all across MENA from UAE, to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, and Pakistan, making it a go-to affiliate marketing service for network and conversions in the Arab world.

Monopolizing in coupons, giftcards, tickets, and more, an affiliate partnership with DCMnetwork will grow your brand in many ways, but the best part is that DCMnetwork as an affiliate brand itself is expected to grow 5X in the coming years.

Sign up to be a part of DCMnetwork affiliate program.

From client services to assigned affiliate manager, there are no issues DCMnetwork cannot fix, if there is any to start with.


Arab Clicks

ArabClicks is one of the oldest affiliate marketing network in the GCC. Based in Dubai, ArabClicks has managed to capture markets in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. With an experience of almost two decades, ArabClicks boasts the highest conversion rates, and are deeply connected with the local brands. They have garnered the trust and established themselves as one of the best in the field of affiliate marketing.

Sign up on this affiliate link to be a partner with ArabClicks.


Araby ads is huge! They are the largest advertising and marketing platform in MENA region, thanks to their partnership with CJ Affiliate, one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing networks. The partnership that sparked as recently as March 2020, has enabled ArabyAds to incorporate new technologies for their marketing solutions.

Sign up to this affiliate link to be an affiliate with ArabyAds.


MEA click

Focusing mainly on marketing campaigns, MeaClick’s main mission is to garner brand presence. They offer a clear marketing strategy plan, with a free analysis report for a strong Return of Investments (ROI). This is more suitable for direct advertisers than an affiliate program.

Sign up here MeaClick if you’re an advertiser.

While these are the homegrown affiliate websites targeted to harness digital growth in the Middle East and North Africa region, there are few international ones that have created a place for themselves in the Arab world.



ClickBank affiliate actually identifies itself as a retailer. They’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and their brand expands to 200 countries worldwide. Yes, there is a huge market opportunity on joining international affiliate program, but there’s also a catch. One of the prime disadvantages of joining an affiliate market as massive as this one is the cultural disconnect. If your brand can take it, then you can easily make the most out of it.

Sign up to this universal affiliate link to partner with ClickBank.

Amazon Associates

amazon associates

Amazon is a household name around the world. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, Amazon affiliate will be beneficial to you because of its credibility, massive reach, and revenue expansion. However, their commission rate is very modest, and in the UAE, you can expect only a 9% affiliate commission. But joining Amazon affiliate would be a good start to boost your brand. Amazon affiliate marketing program in UAE, provides 9% commission as compared to 10-12 % in other countries.

Sign up with Amazon Associate for their affiliate marketing program.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate site

When talking about international affiliate marketing programs, CJ Affiliate is almost synonymous. One of the oldest digital affiliate site was founded in 1998 in Santa Barbara, California. As a part of Publicis Media Groupe, they have 14 offices worldwide. In the Middle East, CJ Affiliate also known as Commission Junction backs ArabyAds as mentioned above.

You can check out CJ Affiliate here.



ShareASale as an exclusive affiliate marketing network has been in the industry for over two decades. Initially it was operational in Chicago, Illinois, and USA. After its acquisition by Awin in January 2017, ShareASale is available worldwide with global services to merchants and affiliates alike including in the UAE.

You can click here to be a part of a really good affiliate network, ShareASale.

eBay Partner Network

ebay partner network

Amazon affiliate network and eBay Partner Network went head-to-head once. While the former was a pioneer, eBay was pretty successful in sweeping affiliates to their program, thanks to quality click pricing and payment based on Cost Per Click (CPC). This global e-commerce partnership is available in the Middle East.

You can sign up to eBay Partner Network here.

These are the current list of MENA’s top affiliate websites, and it may change, but we hope there’s only growth to look forward to via whichever affiliate you deem is best for your brand.

You may still have a question.

Who can sign up as an affiliate marketer?

  • A brand can definitely sign up as an advertiser to sell their digital product.

  • A person who has a good number of reach and Social Media followers can sign up as a publisher. They can take the digital products to turn it into their affiliate product to earn a commission, also known as an affiliate income.

  • Actually, any individual who wants to grow their own affiliate network can sign up to become an affiliate marketer or an affiliate partner.

How do the best affiliate marketing websites work for you?

We’ve already stated how affiliate marketing works, but if you want to know the specifics then read on. It’s pretty simple.

Affiliate marketing for beginners:

Look for a good website builder. Set up your Wix or WordPress website, even if you have popular Social Media channels. Get yourself a unique domain using trustworthy web hosts such as GoDaddy or Bluehost.

Find your niche and become an influencer, and then you can sign up to be an affiliate. Sign-ups are free of cost.

When you find the products you would like to promote then you can obtain a unique link.

That unique link will help track your products and it can be integrated into your blog post and Social Media channels. A blog post is often considered to be the best affiliate content because it can be found on search engines for organic traffic to your site. Even if one website visitor ensures your conversion on your first attempt, then you are a successful affiliate marketer.

You can even experiment with email marketing and send personalized newsletters to your target audience once you’ve built your email list.

Value affiliate offer and choose to go hardcore with any affiliate marketing campaign to build your rep.

When the link makes a conversion, then you earn an affiliate commission from the advertiser. The amount varies, but one thing is straight; your conversion rate depends on how well you make an affiliate sale.

Solely depending on performance, affiliate marketing can either make you rich or not, calculating your affiliate revenue.

As an affiliate who is just getting started, you must work on building your network, earning the trust of your audience, gaining a reputation in the industry, increasing your email list, honing your affiliate marketing content, and making an impact. The trait of a successful affiliate marketer is nothing but passion.

From an affiliate partner to an advertiser to an affiliate website, all are doing round the clockwork to make it big. Choose one that matches your vibe.

If you read it till here, then you are a hundred percent ready for this partnership. Join as a publisher here, or an advertiser.