Advertisers and Publishers play different roles. Advertisers are the owners of offers and are in need of users for their products or services, while publishers provide quality buyers or traffic by promoting the advertisers’ content on their platform.
You can follow the below steps and earn money online, instantly.

Start reviewing products online. Choose a medium to promote, it can vary from being a YouTube channel, blog or your social media platform.

Gather emails of people who come to your reviews. Create a database to reach these people instantly.

And now,
Implement innovative technology like live webinars or interactive sessions to make your viewers understand your product. Once you make a lot of sales in a short period of time, you can grow your email database at the same time and keep creating new content.

once you start making money, you can try delving into pay per click advertising.



You’re 4 steps away from becoming an affiliate.


 Blogs and Editorials
If you have a successful blog, start earning by suggesting products that your readers are looking for.
News Sites
Include links to our products when announcing for example about new launches
Content Networks
People are always looking for more information about the best products out there. Recommendations from people you trust always work.

Online Communities
If you have a forum or community that engages in active discussions about the latest and best products, services, or deals you can use us too.
Mobile Apps
If you are an app, no problem, we can help you track and earn through the links you create as well
Commercial Platforms
You can generate revenue from any sort of publisher platform that you have. Set up and start tracking conversions easily.