Our innovative technology is one of the many reasons why we are trusted by top advertisers in the Middle East to develop best marketing solutions through our lean features.


Superior Technology 

You can integrate mobile and desktop data seamlessly. Track metrics across platforms and devices. Gain unprecedented insight into the purchase process. Industry leading 99.9999% tracking up-time. Our top-notch technology is trusted by top advertisers. We track and measure as well as pick content from our advertisers and distribute among our publishers.

Real- Time Data

Track your digital marketing spend and gain valuable insights, allowing you to make real-time decisions based on actionable data. Reliable and accurate data you can trust. Share results of campaigns in real time to find out the results of current campaigns. Get the edge by finding out more about your audience statistics and tailoring your content accordingly.

API Powered Foundation

As the foundation of your business, we deliver the strongest and most flexible 2-way API functionality in the industry. No other tracking software can offer digital marketers this complete of a solution. Seamlessly integrate with other internal systems as well.

Global 24/7 Support

Dedicated account management for personal attention. Connect with us live via phone, chat or email. What’s the point if you are in trouble and we sit back and watch? We provide customer service of the best type and when we say that we mean it. Our dedicated technical team respond to your query within seconds and get back to you with solutions to your problem.

Excellent Measurement Tools 

We have effective and efficient tools. Tools that will help you track daily impressions, clicks, and conversions. We even show you your commission.

Access to Top Advertisers

We have the best brands from UAE and Saudi Arabia on board. Almost 90% of these brands are not available on any affiliate network!

Free Sign Up

Yes, you read it right. We do not charge you for anything. Setting you up is free.

Content Management

We do all the legwork for you. We have a team that goes out looking for content that can help you grow. We keep you updated with the latest campaigns and send out mails to keep your updated at least once a week. In these mails we share the campaign details, tracking links, payouts etc so that if this is useful for you, you can immediately start earning!

80/20 Model

We work on commission per sale model. We know the hard work that happens behind the scenes that makes publisher platforms successful. We want to help you get the best deal and hence we negotiate with advertisers keeping you in mind. We give publishers 80% commission that they earn. On the dot, monthly payments are also made to build your trust.

Expertise in Affiliate Marketing

We have 10+ years of experience in affiliate marketing. We are eager to educate the MENA region and are constantly looking for ways to share everything we know with our stakeholders.


Global Solution

E-commerce businesses should have no boundaries. No matter where your advertiser is, we can help you find the perfect match for your audience. We provide a platform that can track in all major currencies.

Mobile Campaign

We don’t only run website campaigns but can also track mobile campaigns.

So Let’s get started!