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EastEssence Affiliate Program

EastEssence started out with an intent for modest, comfortable and affordable Islamic attires for the consumption by masses. Here, you’ll find an amalgamation of various cultural heritages under the umbrella of Islam through its various cuts, styles, prints and motifs. They have Moroccan embroidery, Arabian Abayas, Turkish skirt- dresses or Indian Ikkat print, you’ll see a rendition of all these and much more in their hybrid collection. They also make available modest garments for kids and Men.

Additional Information EastEssence
Campaign Type Coupon Attribution Campaign 
Payment Cycle 30 Days
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Categories Kids, Fashion, Shopping, Beauty Products, Books/Media, Home & Garden, Products

Affiliate Notes

Why Promote EastEssence

Make Your Living Beautiful, Aesthetic and Grounded with EastEssence

Dressing well in modest clothing brings out your beauty and grace. Hence EastEssence has brought the most elegant line of hijab, tunics, and kurta for men, women and children alike. EastEssence understands that modest Islamic clothing is more about the perfect blend of trend and culture. EastEssence is of course, not only about fashion but also about understanding the deep-rooted beliefs which reflect on the designs, motifs, and prints of every attire you’ll find on the site. If you’re looking for a small online shopping spree, you’ll find their outlet items to have amazing deals to choose from every day.

A wide variety of choices

Here at EastEssence, you will be buying dresses with the knowledge of their importance. Everyone has apparel for themselves. If you’re a lady from the middle east, splurge yourself with EastEssence abaya, maternity wear, fragrant attar, and even swimsuit. For men, choose from formal thobe, kurta pieces, and colorful scarves. Most importantly, EastEssence makes your lifestyle soulful with prayer books for you and your children, kitchen decorations and wall decorations.

Wear Elegance with EastEssence

EastEssence understands how you love to dress elegantly in the modest and cultural fundamentals of fashion. Here at the site, you’ll be able to surf seamlessly to find your favorite attire for the day. Be it formal, partywear or for the beach, EastEssence knows the various taste in fashion when it comes to their customer base. EastEssence stands out as one of East Asia’s largest apparel supplier.

Ambassador and community service

EastEssence encourages higher education and independent business status of individuals. Its Ambassador scheme provides you an opportunity to open your business under EastEssence. You’ll be receiving a starting inventory worth 150$ to initiate their journey. With the ambassador program, you can grow your business, help with charity and also work at your own pace, be you a mother or an office goer. Their ‘EastEssence Gives’ is a charitable program which funds scholarships to young girls to further their career and life. As a partner under the affiliate program, you can promote EastEssence Islamic clothing abaya, kurta, school dresses, and more for 7% commission per sales. Signing up for the program is free of cost and you’ll be open to product banners and links for references.

Affiliate FAQs

What is the EastEssence Affiliate Program?

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