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BigMIND Affiliate Program

BigMIND is a market leading provider of cloud based storage. Their mission is to provide an affordable and secure cloud solution for businesses and individuals. Their innovative platform is made with you in mind. The user experience is focused on simplicity, so you will be able to backup and access big data quickly and smoothly. The amount of unstructured data is growing and it’s becoming a mounting challenge. They solve this with their latest product. Zoolz Intelligent doesn’t just store documents, photos, videos, images or audio files. Instead, it analyses every file, structuring it in such a way that makes it easy and quick to locate, just like a search engine. That’s why more than 3 million users across the world count on Zoolz.

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Cookie Period 60 Days
Payment Cycle 30 Days
Terms & Condition PPC Restrictions Publishers may not bid on any brand terms brand + generic misspells or any other variation of the brand including but not limited to:
Categories Service, Software and Digital Products

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